Zimmer Implants

Zimmer Implants

Zimmer Biomet Dental provides a popular brand of implants to restore comfort and dental functionality for patients with missing teeth. Traditionally, bridges and crowns would fill the gaps left by absent teeth, but Zimmer Biomet Dental implants are preferable for a number of reasons.

Zimmer Biomet Dental implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each different design has been created to ensure that as many patients as possible can benefit from dental implant placement.

Why should I choose Zimmer Biomet Dental implants?

Zimmer Biomet Dental implants are technologically advanced and exceptionally versatile. With arrange of implant types suited to unique patient needs, greater stability and treatment precision can be achieved. With these implants, less time is spent in the dentist’s chair, which substantially reduces the cost and time investment associated with implant procedures.

These implants are exceptionally easy for oral health professionals to place and can support many implantation techniques, whether in single or multiple stages. Zimmer Biomet Dental not only designs the prosthetic root of the implant, but the titanium abutment as well, which serves as an intermediary between the implant and the custom-created prosthesis.

Here are some of the other key advantages associated with Zimmer Biomet Dental implants:

  • Cost-effective      
  • High precision levels for patients of varying dental health      
  • Minimized preparation and steps required      
  • Reduced treatment and healing time      
  • Greater comfort      
  • Secure, stable prosthesis for restorations in any area of the mouth      
  • Beautiful, natural end result

What is involved in getting Zimmer Biomet Dental implants?

Before implanting prosthetic tooth roots, your oral health professional formulates a plan from diagnostics achieved through-rays, bite impressions and examinations. When the plan is complete, the first stage of implant placement can begin.

Initially, a local anesthetic is administered to the surgical site. After an incision is made to reveal bone at the treatment site, a precision drill is used to make a tiny hole. The Zimmer Biomet Dental implant is then tapped or screwed into place. In some cases, initial incisions may not be necessary and the implant can be placed directly through soft tissue.

For patients whose treatment plan involves two-step implant care, the second stage is completed when the implant has been integrated into and stabilized by the jawbone.

During the second visit, another local anesthetic will be administered so the implant post can be accessed and the abutment can be attached to the implant. Zimmer Biomet Dental also manufactures an implant with a pre-attached abutment, which can negate this step of treatment for some patients.

The dental prosthesis is created within a week of taking post-healing bite impressions. The primary concern of your oral health professional is ensuring that you experience a lifetime of comfort and stability when your final restoration is placed.

If you have any questions or concerns about Zimmer Biomet Dental implants, please contact your dental professional.